What type of driver are you? Is it killing your business growth?

Updated 17/02/2021

With another weekend gone, many of us will have hit the motorway for a drive out somewhere. We all know the types of drivers that inhabit the tarmac roads that facilitate our journeys. We can draw parallels with the many different types of business owners and the way that they drive their business forward. Read on to discover what type of driver you are for your business.

The Sunday Driver

We all know this type having spent a long time stuck behind them as they drive about 20mph below the speed limit. In no rush to get to their destination, they are happy to enjoy the journey at their own pace. They don’t drive every day but dip in and out of it as a bit of a hobby. Do you run your business like a Sunday driver? Without a plan, or any sense of urgency? Do you treat your business like a hobby? You aren’t likely to reach your business goals any time soon. The lack of focus and being oblivious to what other businesses are doing is going to harm your growth. If you want a hobby, then carry on tootling along. If you want to grow your business, then you need to drop a gear and put your foot down.

The Middle Lane Hogger

These drivers like to take the easy route. They get into their comfort zone, set the cruise control, and relax. Like the Sunday Driver, they are unaware of what is going on around them and are stuck in their lane. If you keep doing the same thing, if you stay in your lane, then you are going to keep getting the same results. You need to step out of your comfort zone to get a different result. You must be aware of what’s around you and adapt to your environment.

The Fast Lane King

Foot down, flashing cars to get out of your way, leaving other cars in your dust. You know where you want to go, and you want to get there yesterday. Nothing gets in your way, including other people. Sounds like a great entrepreneur, at first, but the Fast Lane King can soon become unstuck. They don’t focus on the details, too busy to get to the destination; this will lose customers. They fall foul of regulations as they flaunt the rules of the road, and this sets them back when they inevitably get caught out. They don’t treat others with respect, and it can often come back to bite them.

The Agile Driver

In the left-hand lane, whenever not overtaking those that choose to drive at a slower pace. Has the right car technology, sat nav, lane assist, cruise control, to make their journey as efficient as possible, so, that they can focus on the destination. They go at the correct speed for the conditions they find themselves in. They follow the rules but aren’t afraid to put their foot down to get where they want to go. Not scared to get out of their comfort zone and try something different to get results. So, which type of driver are you and how is it affecting your business growth? Leave a comment on our social media channels and let us know.
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