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Updated 11/08/2021

tl;dr – Eliminate the expectations – Focus on what matters. Life is a constant quest for the next best thing. Don’t be content to be, content. No-one gets remembered for filing their tax return. We all get the same 86,400 seconds every day to make things happen, and when you are full of ideas but short on time, it is more than frustrating. Some people like a structured existence but not us. We crave novelty. We yearn for excitement. We don’t live in the present – we create the future. Unfortunately, ideas don’t manifest themselves directly from our minds or whiteboard scribblings (yet – we’re working on it!). Work has to be done to make them a reality. Tedious work. Everyday work. Monotonous work. We created the next big thing, with only the power of our minds and a few Sharpies – Now they want us to type it up into a project proposal, and implement it (including all the boring bits that anyone could do). We already have twenty other projects to work on, and five books to finish, when are we going to find time to do all this? We need to follow all the rules and expectations of business, today. We need to keep people up to date with our progress (not just how brilliant the idea is). Doesn’t this all sound exciting? What we need is a system that does all of this work for us, or better still gets someone else to do it. We shouldn’t fight the urge to work on multiple projects. Switching projects isn’t inefficient multitasking, but re-energising our minds with a change of focus. Does it really matter if you get five projects completed in series or parallel, as long as they are completed? Why do something that an app or tool can do? We need to automate what can be automated, and delegate the rest. Find tools that are flexible to allow us to work how we want, and challenge us to create the most efficient processes to get things delivered. Find tools that give you data on how your process designs are performing, and constantly improve them. We must learn to delegate the tasks we know that we just won’t get done. If it doesn’t excite us, or challenge us, we won’t do it – come on, someone else would love that list of ordered tasks to do, so let them do it. We all have our strengths, so, play to them. We are the innovators – So, innovate! Destroy. Improve. Rebuild. SwiftCase helps thriving businesses, swamped by growing demand, automate and organise, to focus on what matters — loved by 1000s of users across Insurance, Finance, Legal, Service & Contractor sectors.
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