7 Ways Workflow Automation Software Should Deliver Productivity Gains

Maintaining and raising productivity levels can be a mammoth task. Life is busy. Attention spans are short. Distractions are everywhere. On top of that, many teams are working from home and multi-tasking all day.

The solution? Workflow automation software that runs your business processes with less employee intervention. Read on to discover how it can help.

1. Efficiency

The most obvious benefit of workflow automation software is its ability to streamline tasks and achieve better results in less time.

Just imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have to account for human error in manual data entry or give your team monotonous, repetitive tasks that are extremely time-consuming and draining. All of this is possible with the right system in place.

2. Space to innovate

The above point has a knock-on effect because it frees people up to focus on strategic tasks that are not only more enjoyable but also add more value to the organisation. 

When your team is allowed to use their minds creatively, they feel inspired and motivated rather than bored and disconnected from the bigger picture.

“By giving employees freedom and control over their actions, today’s do-it-differently employers are blowing up the traditional workweek grind to build their brands and boost employee engagement and productivity.”


3. Actionable insights

Workflow automation software provides access to company data that allows you to make informed decisions in real-time. You get instant feedback about bottlenecks that are causing delays, so you can tweak and refine processes quickly.

Much like consumer insights help organisations create consumer-led products that address a real need and sell like hotcakes, internal insights shine a light on the heart of any critical process problems and enable you to make growth-driving productivity gains.

4. Transparency and trust

When staff can see how specific processes operate from start to finish, including all the key decisions and responsibilities along the way, a foundation of trust is built. Team members feel connected to each other, part of something greater and guided through each task with ease.

Transparency can be achieved by implementing workflow diagrams or process maps to help people visualise everything in real-time.

5. Accountability

Workflow automation software allows you to define specific tasks and roles for every step in a process. This means managers can keep track of progress and employees are held accountable for clear and measurable goals.

Features like automatic reminders and notifications for deadlines, for example, keep people on schedule without leaders needing to waste their time chasing and micromanaging.

6. Flexibility

Business is rarely static, and if it is, then something has usually gone wrong. Processes and people are constantly evolving, which is why workflow automation software is so important. This is especially true during times of uncertainty and rapid change, like during the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone was suddenly required to work productively from home.

When staff come and go, management roles shift or processes are updated, workflow automation software enables you to adapt quickly by automatically handling back-end admin tasks, changing workflow participants and so much more.

7. Clarity and communication

Most businesses use a variety of different tools for each function in the organisation. As the company grows, things get messy and the lack of collaboration shows (because outputs slow!). Messages are lost, balls get dropped and frustration levels run high.

Workflow automation software brings all relevant resources and sources of information together in one universally accessible place. It facilitates intelligent, company-wide communication and increases productivity by getting everyone on the same page.

No more scrolling through Slack channels to recall what you said to a client on the 20th of November 2015. The answers are right there in front of you.

Making it happen

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