How to Contact SwiftCase Support

So, you’ve just landed on SwiftCase, and you may encounter some issues with the system, or you may have some general questions that the current guides do not answer.
This guide will show you each different method of contacting SwiftCase support.
Here are the different methods of contacting us here at SwiftCase:

  • Email
  • Support Ticket via Swiftcase
  • Phone Calls
  • Form submission via SwiftCase website

Sending an Email to SwiftCase Support

Sending an email is pretty easy and one of the most efficient ways of contacting us here at SwiftCase support.
To send an Email please follow these steps

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As you can see above, pretty simple right?
What will happen now is that email will hit our support system and be picked up by the relevant staff member, we aim to get back to users within 1 hour with a response.

Contacting us via the support line

You can ring the support line on:
+44 (0) 151 294 3177

Submitting a contact form request

  • Submitting a form is really easy, including as much information as possible is key in helping us get back to you with the best response possible.
  • You can head over to here to submit a form with details about your enquiry.

Submitting a Support Ticket

  • When you sign up to your new system you will have a new user created on SwiftCase this can be used for creating Support Tickets.
  • Head to Create new Task which is located on the sidebar.
  • Select Support Ticket and then click Add Task – this is creating the task template before the information is being submitted.
  • Fill out each required field of the form, please ensure the Details box has all the information you can give – this will help us debug the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Once submitted and the Task has been created, you can sit back and relax. Keep your eyes out on your email for a response or you can check the status of your ticket by logging in and viewing it.
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