How to create an Email Template

Email Templates pre-populate the content of an email, saving you and your team from repeatedly typing out the same emails to your clients.

Creating an Email Template

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Click the View button on the Email panel. This will take you to the Email Template page.
  3. Click Create Template.
  4. Add a Template Name and a Subject.
  5. If the Email Template should only be able to send from a workflow, check the Is this a workflow only Template? checkbox and select a Workflow.
  6. Add a Template Name and a Subject.
  7. Add the text you want to appear on the email in the blank box.

  1. Click Insert Task Information Tag to open lists of UserQuestionTask, and File Tags to copy and paste into your email template.
  1. Click Save.


Tags are used to generate and display information from the Task, allowing each email to be customisable to the recipient/subject.

Example Email Template

  • Address the Client Staff
  • Tell them the Expert that has been assigned to solve their ticket
  • Give them the URL of the ticket
  • Give them the Ticket Reference Number
  • Give them the Expert’s Email
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