How to create a Document Template

Document Templates can be configured in your workflows on your SwiftCase system. Discover how to create document templates by reading on.

Creating a Document Template

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Click the View button on the Documents panel. This will take you to the Document Template page.
  3. Click Create Template.
  4. Add a Document NameFile Name, and select a Category.
  5. Choose a Header Template and a Footer Template.

  1. Under Advanced Options, you can customise the format and layout of the document.

  2. Under Image Set Options, you can add and create image sets.

  1. Add your HTML into the blank space, below is a brief example of what the HTML content will look like.
  1. Click Insert Task Information Tag to open lists of UserQuestionTask, and File Tags to copy and paste into your document template.
  1. Click Save.


Tags are used to generate and display information from the Task, allowing each document to be specific to that Task. With SwiftCase you can automate the information gathering process by adding information tags so the information will be auto-populated.

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