Moving Rules – Questions Answered

The Questions Answered Moving Rule will automatically move the Task to a specified status once questions are answered. You can even specify answers to these questions, so the status change will only trigger after the required answer is submitted.

Adding a Questions Answered Moving Rule

Click the Moving Rules tab on the Status to which you want to add the moving rule.

Drag and drop the Questions Answered moving rule into the blank space on the right.

In the Move to box, select the status you want to move to after the question(s) is answered.

In the Question box, add a question(s) that you want to trigger the status change. You can specify the answer by checking the Specify Answer box and adding the answer into the Answer box. The status will only move once a User has input that specific answer.

You can add more than one Question by clicking the Add Question button on the bottom right of the status panel.


The Questions must have been created in the current status for which you are making the moving rules.

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