About Livepoint

Livepoint's mission is to transform work through innovative automation to advance human potential.

Livepoint was founded in 2013 to create intelligent digital solutions to enhance business productivity.  In 2015, we launched SwiftCase, a workflow management system that puts the power of automation in the hands of the user, through its powerful no-code tools and focus on the integration of data sources.

Automation and artificial intelligence are already transforming the future of work. The potential for the advancement of human progress is immense. 

We believe that as we move forward to build the future we should take others with us. This means creating tools that seek to enhance human capabilities rather than to replace them. We must redesign work to make certain that humans work alongside machines most effectively. Also, it is essential to educate workers to share in the benefits of progress. 


United Kingdom

Do you want to build the future?

We are always looking for people passionate about building solutions that will power the future of work. We want to work with people who have great ideas and the drive to see them realised. We love to share knowledge, learn new skills and to bounce ideas off each other. 

Dr. Adam Sykes
Dr. Adam Sykes - Managing Director of Livepoint