Small Business Data Security Essentials

Data Security can be a daunting proposition for small businesses, how can you be sure your data is protected without access to the resources and expertise available to larger firms? The following tips provide good business practices anyone can follow. Educate The key to good security practice is ensuring that every member of your team understands why it is so important. Establish set procedures, such as regularly updating passwords, setting… Read More »Small Business Data Security Essentials

WorkFlow Automation for Case Management

Workflow is a concept that originated in manufacturing, describing the breakdown of processes that lead to a finished product. More recently, this idea has been expanded to encompass business activity such as providing services or processing information. Getting your business’ workflow right can make all the difference in terms of productivity and profitability. Are you making the best use of your resources? Are you consistently getting the results you need… Read More »WorkFlow Automation for Case Management