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Become more streamlined and efficient with your business processes mapped out in clear and easy to follow workflows. Break your work down into step-by-step processes so progress can be tracked and shared with a clearly defined status for each and every task.

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Keep work on track, share progress and stay organised with clearly defined workflows that set out how to complete tasks correctly.

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Custom workflow

Build or modify your business processes as custom workflows, including integrations, using a visual builder with no need for coding. (Want us to do it for you? Just ask.)

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Assign responsibility

Give work to team members manually or automatically based on their skills, location, etc. Maintain accountability for your tasks with a clearly defined task owner.

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Custom statuses

Break down your business processes into actionable steps and use custom statuses to keep track of them.

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Integrate your other apps

Upload accounts to Xero. Sync emails with GMail, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. Share contacts with MailChimp. Get data from FormStack, Ninja Forms, and HubSpot. Plus any app with an API.

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Share key information

Prevent information siloing by sharing information with everyone who needs access in one central location while maintaining security preventing access to those without permission.

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Automate processes

Save time by automating actions in your workflow, like sending emails, text messages, integrated events in other apps, creating documents, and much much more.

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Maintain security

Keep control of who can access workflows, tasks and even steps in your processes, as well as files and documents with workflow visibility, task ownership and public/private documents and notes.

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Manage deadlines

Keep control of your task deadlines and service level agreements with a traffic-light system that shows you tasks that are on-track (green), approaching (amber) and past (red) deadlines. Plus, use deadlines for individual steps of a task as well as the whole.

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Guest access

Give access to your clients, sub-contractors and suppliers to reduce the amount of update requests and to collect information directly into the system through chatbots, API and web forms.

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Clear your inbox

Don't get swamped by your email. Organise your emails into actionable tasks that your team can complete. Share tasks between a team without all the headaches of a shared inbox.

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Recurring workflows

Setup workflows to create repeat tasks on a regular basis, with the frequency that you require, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, etc. At the specified time they will automatically drop into your task list.

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Plan resources

Use management information to discover which staff could do with some extra help and those areas that are really taking off.

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