Optimise Your Email Inbox Management

An exciting new ‘Email to Task’ feature has recently been added to SwiftCase that has proven to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

The overall goal was to optimise the management of incoming emails. Clients who adopted this feature have noticed the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity from automatic processing of emails
  • Efficient management of employee workload
  • Greater accountability from assigning an employee to be responsible for each task
  • Better oversight from detail available on the number of outstanding tasks
  • Prevention of duplication of work from shared inboxes

Once an email has been retrieved, specific email information is mapped to data fields within SwiftCase to create a new task. For example, for a given incoming email account, tasks could be set up for a specific product, and the subject of the email could be automatically added as information on that task.

Emails can be connected to existing clients within SwiftCase or new clients can be created as required. By attaching clients to tasks, this allows a history of emails/tasks to be recorded against their profile. Your staff can then compose email responses, from inside SwiftCase, to the client which recreate the feel of an email conversation.

The ‘Email to Task’ feature has also been designed to handle file attachments and item attachments. Any files that are attached to an email will be automatically uploaded to the document manager of the newly created task. Also, for any email messages added as attachments to the main email subtasks are created allowing the bulk creation of connected tasks.

Keep following our news page to see how the ‘Email to Task’ feature enhances the evolution of SwiftCase.

If this new and exciting feature stands out as a solution to your business needs, get in touch today to see how SwiftCase as a workflow management system and its features can be implemented to increase your business productivity.

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