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We use AI more than you think

Updated 29/01/2020 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what you probably thought it was Malicious Robots causing destruction in a city. Highly-intelligent human-like machines controlling the minds of others around them. Systems which can destroy humanity at the touch of a button. … Read More

Prioritise your workload more effectively

Updated 22/01/2020 Staying organised is essential to efficiency and productivity. Prioritising your workload by importance and urgency is one of the main factors contributing towards keeping your business on track. What are some of the best ways to achieve this? … Read More

Prioritise your business tasks and achieve business goals

Updated 15/01/2020 Prioritising your business tasks is an essential part of avoiding missed deadlines increasing productivity overall. What are some concrete steps you can take to ensure you are working towards both of these goals? Organise your To-Do List At … Read More

Collaborate seamlessly to achieve business goals

Updated 08/01/2020 Manage your team productively by coordinating business processes effortlessly, and improve customer service with real-time task tracking progression. Communicate and collaborate all in one place, using the task notes in SwiftCase, while easily keeping track of the conversation. … Read More

Automate your business processes with configurable workflows

Updated 01/01/2020 See your business processes laid out before you, broken down into a step-by-step workflow. Make changes in real time via our visual workflow builder. If you’re interested in a powerful business process management platform that lets you configure … Read More

International Women’s Day at SwiftCase

At SwiftCase we strive for a diverse and gender balanced workforce. Our team caught up with two of our most senior developers, Lucy Arch and Sam Eastwood for their thoughts on why they love working here! Lucy: Working at SwiftCase … Read More

Digital voice assistants in the office

In November, Amazon announced the Alexa For Business, which brings the increasingly popular intelligent personal assistant device from your living room to your office. While the Alexa device in your house offers an array of features that allow you to … Read More

What SwiftCase optimisation means for you

With the release of SwiftCase 2.0, the team have taken the opportunity to optimise the system in various ways. As we added new features in this version, it became apparent that existing functionality could also be improved. We have internally … Read More

Staying organised has never been easier

Get important work tasks organised quickly, with a minimum of fuss, using powerful to-do-list functionality. Customise what and how information is displayed on your to-do list, and provides users with instant access to the most relevant task information. See how … Read More

Coming to SwiftCase: Workflow Builder

When we first work with a new client, the initial meetings involve planning and detailing workflows for their new SwiftCase solution. Workflows are specified and broken down into steps, we call statuses, during these discussions. Within each status, you can … Read More