Rollout begins for SwiftCase 2.0

As discussed in our previous article What’s new with SwiftCase? the SwiftCase team have been hard at work over the past year, implementing our versatile workflow management platform into a variety of different sectors and industries; including healthcare, finance, insurance, legal, marketing, construction and more…

SwiftCase 2.0 is a culmination of the individual and unique developments that many of our clients have requested over the course of the past three years. Previously, there were many features that were exclusive to particular sectors, such as our expanded costing section and purchase order management tool for the construction industry, or the CRM overhaul for the legal sector.

As our customer-base has grown substantially over the past year, it became an increasing priority to ensure all these different features were available upon request for any of our clients, regardless of industry.

In order to centralise our codebase and improve the delivery method of future updates and new features, we set out on a plan; to combine the multiple industry-specific versions into one configurable, all-in-one, workflow management platform that truly fits any business model… and without the need to change the software.

Individual features and customisations in SwiftCase can now be easily switched on/off upon request, on a client-by-client basis. In doing this, it allows the SwiftCase team to roll out optimisations and new features on a more regular, scheduled basis, creating an even greater and flexible experience for our clients moving forward.

We are excited to announce that the SwiftCase 2.0 beta version has begun rolling out to a portion of our clients for testing, with a view to go-live over in November. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming optimisations and improvements coming in SwiftCase 2.0.

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