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The benefits of cloud-based file storage

Cloud-based storage is a model in which digital files are stored on remote servers and made accessible over the internet. The service is snowballing in its usage and is becoming the standard across many industries. Cloud hosting facilities are maintained … Read More

Automate your time and expenses tracking

In business, accurately managing time, expenses, costs and fees is vital. With large numbers of transactions relating to staff, clients, and suppliers, as well as other external factors, there is a significant benefit to automating this process. SwiftCase can automate … Read More

Rollout begins for SwiftCase 2.0

As discussed in our previous article What’s new with SwiftCase? the SwiftCase team have been hard at work over the past year, implementing our versatile workflow management platform into a variety of different sectors and industries; including healthcare, finance, insurance, … Read More

Upcoming Document Manager Improvements

During 2017, we have started development to rebuild and restructure a number of SwiftCase features into microservice architecture, or simply microservices. This is the principal of developing software applications as a series of individually deployed, lightweight modules that perform specific … Read More