Apprenticeship goals for the year ahead

Aims for the year ahead

I plan to develop a range of abilities that are relevant to the modern IT industry. Starting out with a basic grounding in SQL, HTML and Java, I look to expand on this foundation, as well as learning PHP and Javascript to a proficient level. Achieving these goals will allow me to contribute code towards improving and expanding SwiftCase.

My understanding of SwiftCase

SwiftCase is a workflow automation tool which assists with day-to-day workflows, everything from document management, CRM, mobile process management, event monitoring and much much more.

The existing customers are happy using this software and the team maintain high standards to ensure the clients are always satisfied. While the front end is user-friendly, the code behind it is a very complex system. Within my first week, I was shown how SwiftCase works and the structure behind it. Within minutes I found it simple to create tasks, gaining a clear insight into the user experience.

The journey so far

So far, I have begun to develop my own skills by working through hardback books of Javascript, HTML and SQL. I have been studying coding and getting more familiar with the basics of computer programming by the day. As well as becoming more familiar with SQL, creating tables and inputting information.

I am also getting an overview of HTML and CSS, in order to understand the user interface. It has given me broader insight into what I will be doing over the course of the next twelve months. I soon hope to move onto the PHP and MySQL to build on my knowledge of web development.

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