Apprenticeships and online training

The Learning Process

Over the course of the past three months, I have continued to study the
basics of programming, developing skills essential to working in the IT
industry. Gaining a solid foundation in languages such as HTML, SQL, and
CSS3 allows me to contribute towards improving SwiftCase, as well as any
other projects involving an online user interface.

Training: Week 1

The first week of my online training was challenging, but it gave me
better insight into the business side of the software industry. Learning
about business methodologies provides an understanding of how managers
plan before creating a piece of software, in order to optimise results.
Mapping out the most efficient steps before production is key to any
successful project.

Introduction to Agile

Agile Programming is one currently very widely adopted methodology. You
have a software development outlook which surrounds and is based on the
concept of iteration. It heavily relies on the idea of cycles, in that
it has phases; requirement definition, UI design, development, testing,
evaluation and feedback. It sees development as a story with chapters,
or a set of many stories which are improved and rewritten each time
they’re read by the client. As the iteration happens, improvements are
given and made, until the product is satisfactory or as the client wants
it to be, at which point it is released.

Going forward

In conclusion, I think this week of e-learning has been of great
benefit, by putting software development into a wider business context.
Learning about Agile, for example, has given me more of an insight into
how certain features of SwiftCase may have been planned and then
implemented in the most efficient way. Further down the line into my
apprenticeship, I will be able to understand and use different
methodologies depending on the approach required for any particular

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