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How to use Moving Rules to automate your business with SwiftCase

Last Updated 2022/04/27

When you’re configuring a status, you can set moving rules which determine which status the task moves to.

Questions Answered

If you’d like the a task to progress to another status dependent on the answer of a specific question, the "Questions Answered" moving rule should be used. Questions Answered You should first determine which status you’d like the task to move to once a certain question has been answered which is set by the “Move to” drop-down. Then, using the question drop down, select the relevant question that you’d like to be answered. If it is a specific answer is required, check the "Specific Answer?" checkbox and type the answer into the Answer box. If you’d like multiple questions to be answered to move a status click the “+Add Question” button.

Button Clicked

Button Clicked The “Button Clicked” moving rule enables a task to move status based on whether a button has been clicked. You should specify which status you’d like the task to move to then type the button key which you set in the “Forms & Actions” part of the Status.

Expert Allocated

Expert Allocated

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