Isobel Bond

Our YouTube Channel is LIVE!

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on building an extensive library of both help centre article and video guides to help new users when we launch self-sign. If you’ve visited our channel, you’ll see that it’s clearly still a work in progress and we’re continuously tweaking our set-up and content and we’re open to any and all suggestions! If you’ve visited our channel, you’ll see that it’s… Read More »Our YouTube Channel is LIVE!

Get your own 14-day, no-commitment, free trial of SwiftCase!

You may have seen across our various social media platforms that we’ve been dedicating a large proportion of our summer to changing up the sign-up process for our workflow management platform, Swiftcase. Historically those interested in Swiftcase are given a Web demo, where you, the client explain your businesses needs and processes, and we walk you through the ins and outs of the platform and cater everything to you which… Read More »Get your own 14-day, no-commitment, free trial of SwiftCase!

5 Ways to boost efficiency on a budget

Efficiency is something that every organisation strives for, big or small, local or multinational, well-established or start-up. However, it can be challenging to track, monitor and boost, particularly for those who provide a service rather than a physical good. As a Saas (Software as a Service) company ourselves, we understand the problems you face and really do feel your pain, but fortunately, we’ve found a few ways which have helped… Read More »5 Ways to boost efficiency on a budget

Workflow Management System 101

The term, “workflow management system” has been cropping up everywhere; on business blogs, YouTube ads and maybe even in your very office, but the phrase, despite being thrown around by many is usually only understood by a select few. Sick of reading of the myths and wading through all the jargon we thought, being the lovely people that we are, that it’s only fair that we share our knowledge and… Read More »Workflow Management System 101

We’re fully-trained fire marshals at SwiftCase!

After the success of our First Aider course a couple of months ago, we thought we might also add being registered Fire Marshal’s to our repertoire (in addition to creating awesome workflow management software)! We can now confidently say that the entire Swiftcase team know how to prevent, extinguish and tackle various types of fires and are all a dab hand with a foam extinguisher. We’d highly recommend the charming… Read More »We’re fully-trained fire marshals at SwiftCase!

What Is Sales Force Automation?

Sales force automation, often abbreviated as SFA, and sometimes confused with the CRM software Salesforce, is the process of automating the entire sales lifecycle from order processing to post-sales. While SFA can be a part of a CRM System strictly speaking, either one does not necessitate the other. For example, an SFA system can automate entire sales tasks without being integrated with the relationship management software. The opposite is also… Read More »What Is Sales Force Automation?

We’ve Expanded to the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool!

After our first office in Heswall, and our first expansion to larger premises in Hoylake, we’ve recently expanded and opened up an additional office in The Cains Brewery in The Baltic Triangle.  You can find us just over the road from the thriving Baltic Market where you can find a great range of excellent food and drink.  If you want to pop in for a coffee and see how we… Read More »We’ve Expanded to the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool!

We’re all now First Aiders!

Earlier this week, you might have noticed that we were M.I.A. across social media and for good reason! We took Wednesday off from creating brilliant workflow management software to complete our Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work course. The course, as well as giving us oodles of potentially life saving info, was great fun for the entire team and provided plenty of photo opportunities. We covered a broad spectrum… Read More »We’re all now First Aiders!

64-Bit Challenge: Get fit and raise money for good causes

After recently expanding our team, we’ve made the decision to open up an additional office over in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool and we thought, to commemorate the occasion and stir up some healthy competition, we’d create the 64 Bit Challenge. We’re going to be putting our sporting prowess (and egos) to the test through a combination of walking, running, cycling, swimming and rowing and we’d love you and your… Read More »64-Bit Challenge: Get fit and raise money for good causes

Introducing the Workflow Builder

Over past few months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create our latest feature, the Workflow Builder. The tool enables you to both create your own and edit any pre-existing workflows quickly, easily and, most importantly, instantaneously! I know this may sound quite daunting, as previously any changes to your workflow would require the team here at Swiftcase to make system changes to ensure your workflows are just… Read More »Introducing the Workflow Builder