64-Bit Challenge: Get fit and raise money for good causes

After recently expanding our team, we’ve made the decision to open up an additional office over in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool and we thought, to commemorate the occasion and stir up some healthy competition, we’d create the 64 Bit Challenge.

We’re going to be putting our sporting prowess (and egos) to the test through a combination of walking, running, cycling, swimming and rowing and we’d love you and your team to get involved and join us.

Over the course of 21 days we’ll be travelling a total of 127km to earn points and be in with the chance to win both individual and team prizes, all in the name of charity.

The challenge itself will be split into 7 3-day long stints which will have an allocated number of kilometres that you’ll be required to cover during this time period. Starting at 1km the distance will then double every 3 days so you’ll be travelling the following:

  • 1km (Days 1-3)
  • 2km (Days 4-6)
  • 4km (Days 5-9)
  • 8km (Days 10-12)
  • 16km (Days 13-15)
  • 32km (Days 16-18)
  • 64km (Days 19-21)

You also don’t have to pick 1 activity and stick to it for the whole 21 days, you can mix it up as much as you like, so if you fancy walking the first week and cycling the last be our guest! All that matters is you cover the distance and remember to log your times and distances in our system.

As the kilometres slowly ramp up you can break your activity up over the 3 day window as it’s not mandatory for each distance to be covered in a single session.

So if you’d like to compete against our Hoylake and Liverpool offices and see where you fall on the leaderboard, get together a team and register your interest at:


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