5 Health Benefits of Automation

Automation is the development and use of technology to carry out multiple tasks and processes as independent to their human counterpart as possible. It can help you adapt to a better lifestyle as well as an improved business through workflow management. Economic and productivity advantages are usually prioritised when discussing the benefits of automation and yet personal health, both physical and mental, are often dismissed and neglected.

Reducing/preventing stress

If stress is plaguing you in particular, this previous article may be a cure: Stressed out? Automate your time sinks.

As we all know, stress can be a killer, and if no action is taken it will become serial. Severe stress can attack your bodily health and the ability to make important decisions, or even manifest psychosomatic problems to make you physically ill. Eliminating the redundant, repetitive tasks means you have less to remember and worry about, like payment management.

Through automation, the amount of data handled by humans is swiftly cut down, meaning a reduced risk of error which may be caused by having to enter the same data multiple times. Sadly for us, human error is always a hazard, so leave it to automation to get the job done and lock up your stress for once.

More time to do what you love

It should be well-known that happiness can increase life expectancy and not just quality.

Take out the boring stuff and give yourself more time to focus on the things you love.

You can bring the concept of automation to your personal life and automate plenty of day to day activities to free up your own time, it’s not just limited to business. It may even help you to love what you do at work more. With how valuable time is, you really can’t have enough of it. You could take up a new hobby and meet new people or just spend time with your loved ones, whatever you want.

Keeping active

With all the constant “to-do”s and deadlines, it’s so simple for things like fitness to slip your mind.

Automate so you can work up a sweat at the gym, running, swimming, rock climbing, or doing anything at all rather than sweating over spreadsheets in the office.The less time spent hunched over a desk, the more reduced the risk of back problems caused by slouching (which can lead to arthritis), along with other health risks related to sitting all day such as RSI, muscular-skeletal disorders, heart disease and beyond are. Automation can let you get out there and remember what fresh air feels like.

Ever-evolving healthcare

Whether you’re booking an appointment online or ordering your prescription automatically, these time savers are becoming critical to our NHS system, taking the pressure and unnecessary work away from the employees.

The future is exciting – prospects are perpetually becoming more life-changing and adapting to our lives and new innovations are constantly being generated. 5G is expected in the coming years and we are looking at a whole new set of use cases, such as remote surgery or “telesurgery”, which will allow doctors to carry out emergency care and open surgery without actually being there resulting in higher accuracy and enhanced capabilities. This brings other possibilities and increased methods of saving/improving lives onto the operating table.

Safety and ergonomic Improvements

Automation goes a long way in reducing the number of human workers getting injured doing dangerous tasks in the workplace, or even just sitting for too long as mentioned in the fitness section. This allows the workforce to remain stable and consistent.

Complications can be avoided via automatic procedures – compliance chasing, for one, means safety checks can be chased automatically in order to prevent critical audits from being missed. Efficiency is present in every aspect where automation exists.

All in all, automation makes life easier for everyone. Automate away and do more with your days.

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