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Embracing Digitalisation and Meeting Metallica

Updated 15/07/2020 It’s 2004. MP3s are here, and Internet music piracy is an unstoppable juggernaut. A 13-year-old millennial (whose music taste was primarily dictated by what appeared on Saturday morning’s CD:UK) was about to have his ears awakened to a … Read More

Less = More Productivity

Updated 08/07/2020 It’s easy to fall into the mindset of more equals better. After all, it feels great knowing you’ve been busy answering all your emails first thing in the morning… until you realise you’ve lost half your day. During … Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Signature

Updated 01/07/2020 Email is still the top communication tool used in business. As such, it’s important to get your marketing right when it comes to the basics – your email signature! First impressions count, and this is a piece of … Read More

10 brilliant Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to BOOST your productivity!

Updated 24/06/2020 If you work in an office, the chances are you work with a Windows machine in some form or another (unless you are one of those dastardly Mac users like myself). But did you know you can save … Read More

Buying a New TV? Consider this before splashing your cash

Updated 17/06/2020 4K or HD, OLED or QLED, 120Hz vs. 60Hz. If you find yourself scratching your head at all the technical jargon when it comes to buying a TV, then we’ve got a few handy points to consider during … Read More

14 Productivity-boosting Mac keyboard shortcuts you NEED to use!

Updated 10/06/2020 If you’re like me and use a Mac as your desktop or laptop of choice, then I’ve got a few keyboard shortcuts that will help you boost your productivity… you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Delete … Read More

Tabs are KILLING your productivity! Here’s why…

Updated 03/06/2020 Breaking a habit is hard. You might bite your nails, smoke cigarettes or indulge in one too many soft drinks throughout the day. Me? I’m a tab addict, and if your browser regularly looks anything like this: …then … Read More

5 Secrets of Successful Email Management

Updated 27/05/2020 I used to spend up to two hours a day wrestling with my email inbox until I realised I was spending more time reading and responding to messages than dealing with the tasks in hand. If that sounds … Read More

Event monitoring – keep track at every step in your system

Updated 20/05/2020 SwiftCase lets you keep track of all incoming and outgoing events on your system. Schedule a vast array of events to automate tasks such as email, SMS, announcements, alerts, task creation and data importing – tracking the status … Read More

Quote management has never been so easy

Updated 13/05/2020 Cut your administration time down to size by automating quotation generation. Sometimes the difference between winning a job and losing it all comes down to timing. SwiftCase eliminates the need for old-fashioned Word, Outlook and Excel operations by … Read More