International Women’s Day at SwiftCase

At SwiftCase we strive for a diverse and gender balanced workforce. Our team caught up with two of our most senior developers, Lucy Arch and Sam Eastwood for their thoughts on why they love working here!


Working at SwiftCase allows me to be vocal about ideas. As a team, it’s great to be able to bounce ideas off each other and have discussions were everyone’s opinions are welcome. This encouragement of brain storming amongst a diverse team makes for great solutions we can all be involved with, that caters for everybody.


Working as a developer in the tech industry suits me tremendously. Not only does it give me an excellent career where I get to do what I love all day: solve problems, but the flexibility also gives me a happy work life balance. At SwiftCase, I am an important part of of an enthusiastic team and my work contributes immensely to the automation software we provide.

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