We’re at the Northern Business Expo!

If you attended the Northern Business Exhibition in Manchester today, you may have spotted the SwiftCase team at various seminars and networking sessions.

Hamida Bhatia of Google Digital Garage hosted a number of fantastic of seminars throughout the day that dealt with optimising your social media strategies.

Google Digital Garage will be stationed on Kings Street in Manchester until April 13th. If you’re local, I’d highly advise popping in to pay them a visit. They are available to discuss your current strategies with them directly and offer advice free of charge.

I found Jennie Wiggins‘ keynote on how she took her business, Manchester Gin, from a humble two-person dining room operation to a full-blown international success was incredibly inspiring.

She cited the reasons for her success as four vital points:

  • Recruitment: Taking the time to hire the right people rather than filling seats, is the key to building a close knit team and reduce staff turnover.
  • Delegation: Jennie admits it can be difficult to let go of control, but trusting your staff not only allows your team to grow, your business flourishes and you can apply your focus to exciting new opportunities for your company.
  • Trust your instincts: Taking risks is a huge part of growing your business. When an opportunity comes up, sometimes you just have to go with it – even if you’re not entirely too sure how you’ll do it at the time.
  • Network: It’s not as hard as it seems, even if you’re not used to it. Networking is vital to building relationships and creating opportunities for your business.

Entrepreneur Ben Kench gave a powerful talk on management and business structure. He advises the audience that being a good worker doesn’t necessarily translate to success – it’s the ability smartly delegate to the appropriate teams, external parties and machines that takes you to the next level. I particularly enjoyed his humourous anecdote about outsourcing the content of his speech at his daughter’s wedding!

There was plenty to see and hear at the event – and there’s still time to check it out if you are available tomorrow. Head over to the Northern Business Exhibition if you’d like to attend on Wednesday March 13th.

If you’re interested in speaking to the SwiftCase team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, and subscribe to our newsletter for more information on events we’ll be attending

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