Apple’s digital ecosystem just got bigger…

Apple have announced a vast array of new services (many of which are subscription-based) for their ever-expanding digital ecosystem.

Apple News+

Apple News Plus is a subscription service that curates personalised news stories from up to 300 magazines, from a variety of premium sources such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Vanity Fair and Sports Illustrated. Giving you recommendations from magazines you may not have read before based on your preferences.

New issues of magazines you subscribe to are automatically downloaded upon release, and magazines are readable offline.

Apple Card

Apple have joined the credit card game by partnering with Goldman Saches to create its own digital card. You will be able to apply for the credit card using your iOS devices and the card will be stored in the Wallet app.

A physical card is optional and has no expiration date, card number, signature or CVV. However, you can generate these card details via the app; if required for online purchases in stores that do not support Apple Card.

Purchases require biometric confirmation and Apple have been firm when it comes to security and privacy concerns, insisting purchase details will only be stored on the device to ensure third parties can not access the information.

There will also be a number of rewards, particularly for those made with the Apple ecosystem (a familiar theme).

CEO Tim Cook states that he believes the credit card experience will be the most “significant change in 50 years”.

Apple Arcade

Apple have announced their own ad-free gaming subscription service. Unlike Google’s recently announced streaming service, Stadia, Apple Arcade will be similar to what we currently see in the App Store, rather than what we see on the PlayStation or Xbox.

They promise to deliver more than 100 exclusive iOS games, with offline play availability and device sharing capability.

Apple TV Channels and Apple TV+

Apple TV will be updated to include a variety of new channels, which allows subscribers to sign into various subscription services and subscribe to individual premium TV channels. Centralising your viewing options (but interestingly, not Netflix).

The most significant announcement of the keynote event was Apple TV Plus. Apple’s answer to Netflix, Amazon Prime and other subscription-based streaming video services.

They will offer original programming, bringing in some big Hollywood names such as Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrell, with a variety of projects in the pipeline.

This is a massive $1billion move by Apple in an attempt to take over the lucrative (but fiercely competitive) streaming video industry.

The question is, as consumers do we really need another service we need to subscribe to, just to catch our favourite TV shows? Will Apple be able to steal away the Netflix audience, or will they struggle to keep pace; in a similar way to Apple Music and Spotify?

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