Samsung Galaxy Fold DELAYED following device failure reports

The past week has been somewhat of a PR disaster for Samsung.

Following reports of device failure after less than two days of use by multiple tech experts and influencers, Samsung has opted to delay the launch of it’s Galaxy Fold device.

Samsung have yet to give a new release date for the device, but promise to announce one “in the coming weeks”.

The issues plaguing the device primarily stem from the screen and hinges. While some reviewers removed a layer of plastic film that they mistakenly (and reasonably) believed was a piece of the protective packaging, others simply had a problem with the screens breaking during normal use.

As mentioned in our initial report on the device, we are hesitant about buying into the first generation of the device, especially at an eye-watering £1,800 entry price, when the technology is so new and untested.

In the race to become the first major brand to release a foldable smartphone, were Samsung perhaps being too ambitious while their tech was not quite ready? With competitors, such as the Huawei Mate X and Motorola Razr, ready to pounce – they could easily turn the tables on Samsung to gain a foothold on the consumers looking to get their hands on the latest tech.

Will Samsung turn it around in the coming weeks?

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