What’s New in SwiftCase 2.5?

With the release of SwiftCase 2.5 right around the corner, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some of the exciting new updates coming in the latest version.

Workflow Builder Updates

Last year, we trialled the Workflow Builder with a number of our customers. We’ve listened to your feedback and made some key changes to the way the workflow builder works.

We’ve removed question groups to make building your forms even easier. Decide what questions you want to ask, and what order, rather than having to build your forms before you create your workflow.

You can also now show your forms in several customisable ways, such as collapsible panels or step-by-step.

We’ve added more validation and warnings to the process, which will flag up any potential issues with your setup before publishing. Oh, and don’t wait around for your workflow to publish… it publishes in the background!

SwiftCase Notifications

Along with our existing automated alerts, such as email and SMS, we’ve added a super handy notification section to SwiftCase’s interface.

You can use this in conjunction with other alerts – but it means you can now centralise alerts to your staff to further ensure they don’t miss an important task!

Email Importing and Management

A major part of this release is our new email management functionality.

Not only can you automatically import tasks into the system from an email address (which is incredible for support and enquiry management) but you can also manually view, manage and compose emails from your account with our full SwiftCase email client.

If you’re reading an email on SwiftCase, you can easily create a new task, store attachments, create email chains and more. This is currently available for email accounts that support MAPI, with IMAP support following in a future release.


Our new and improved management information section is here. The initial version of the feature will allow you to report on system information such as the number of tasks completed, number of SLAs missed, the value of tasks and more.

You can easily switch between a graphical and table views of the data to find the information you need quickly.

Stats also generate in the background for large data sets, allowing you to continue working while it does its thing. Once it’s ready, you’ll get a handy alert in your SwiftCase notifications telling you your stats have been generated.


Reduce your admin and chasing even further with our brand new chatbot. Automatically send out a link to your customers that allows them to exchange messages with the SwiftCase chatbot, answering key questions attached to your task (such as booking dates, address details, choices).

Those who have trialled this service have noticed a dramatic reduction in the number of phone calls, emails and messages required when communicating with customers.

These are just some of the exciting new updates we’ve got coming up in SwiftCase 2.5. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates and news on the release date.

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