The $1k Monitor Stand – Have Apple Finally Gone Too Far?

Apple staged their biggest event of the year earlier this month, and there was one announcement in particular at WWDC 2019 that caught our attention…

After 6 years, the Mac Pro is back – and it’s a beast

Despite moving away from the dustbin design of previous models and more towards a cheese grater aesthetic; this thing is a future-proof powerhouse that allows you to do the incredibly resource-intensive tasks that high-end industry professionals have been craving for a long time now.

Apple have also announced a new monitor, the Pro Display XDR. The world’s first Retina 6K screen, with a version that features a nano-textured surface that removes reflections without decreasing the quality of the picture.

Controversy has arisen regarding the pricing, however.

The Mac Pro’s entry-level system costing $6k, you can guarantee the top tier models are going to be dramatically more expensive. A powerful but expensive cheese grater.

The monitor is going to be $5k with the nano-texture version costing $6k.

Here’s the kicker. The monitor doesn’t come with a stand, so you can either buy the VESA mount adapter for $199 or perhaps most laughable… Apple’s “Pro Stand” that costs an eye-watering $1k.


I know Apple have been ridiculed for their pricing in the past, but have they finally gone one step too far? Attendees at the event audibly groaned and booed the stand announcement, which has controversially been removed from YouTube.

So, what do you think? Keep in mind, this is a product that is designed for a very particular market, but regardless; have Apple truly jumped the shark or is there something genius happening here?

Banner image credit: Apple

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