8K is coming… time to upgrade?

Microsoft has just announced the next iteration of their Xbox games console, codenamed ‘Project Scarlett’, at the Electronics Entertainment Expo last weekend.

While the announcement was widely expected, what I found most surprising was the promise of 8K resolution compatibility at up to 120 frames per second.

If Microsoft keeps their promise, this will create an incredibly smooth and beautiful picture for gamers to enjoy on their 8K-compatible TVs.

Let’s put this into perspective: 4K TVs can display (around) 4 times more pixels on the screen than a standard HD TV, whereas 8K TVs have roughly twice as many pixels as 4K and an incredible 8 times more than HD.

So, more pixels, more detail, sounds great? But is 8K even available at the moment? Do I need to upgrade my TV?

The short answer is, yes, they are available, but my advice? Wait before you invest.

4K has only just become somewhat standardised, and 4K content is still scarcely available. There is no doubt that 8K content will take even longer to become a standard on major content services such as Netflix, Amazon and the BBC.

By the time 8K is more readily available, the price of fantastic 8K TV sets will be dramatically more affordable.

We’re excited about the future of media experiences, and no doubt we’ll receive more information on whether Microsoft can deliver a fantastic 8K gaming experience in the coming months before they release the new console in 2020. However, we’re still likely to wait a few more years until the tech matures, before we drop our cash on upgrading to 8K.

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