Everyone Hates the Macbook Keyboard (Even Apple)

It looks like Apple are abandoning their much-maligned MacBook keyboards and implementing a new design for 2020.

A recent report obtained by MacRumours has suggested that Apple will revert to a traditional scissor-switch mechanism, as opposed to their new butterfly mechanism.

Apple first introduced the new butterfly mechanism back in 2016, alongside their Touch ID line of Macbooks, Pros and Airs. , it has received an underwhelming response from buyers.

The butterfly mechanism was implemented to reduce the size of the laptop, much like the (similarly criticised) abandonment of USB3 ports – but the change was met with almost instantaneous negativity upon release.

Critics cite a lack of travel on the keys, as well as a host of problems caused by the increased volatility to dust and dirt, such as unintended keypresses, or broken keys after moderate usage.

So, what do we think? Well, I own a 2019 model of the Macbook Pro, and to play devil’s advocate for a moment, I appreciate the new keyboard.

I feel I can type faster due to the reduced travel, and particularly enjoy the reduced size of the laptop – it looks nice and feels great.

However, I have yet to be hit by any technical issues (so far), so I’m sure I’d change my tune if anything cropped up.

What do you think of the Apple keyboard? Are you happy they are looking to change it? Would Apple have been better off fixing the flaws in their current tech, rather than reverting to traditional keyboards?

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