Prioritise your business tasks and achieve business goals

Updated 15/01/2020

Prioritising your business tasks is an essential part of avoiding missed deadlines increasing productivity overall. What are some concrete steps you can take to ensure you are working towards both of these goals?

Organise your To-Do List

At the beginning of each working day write a list of tasks that are achievable in a day. Highlight the jobs that are the most important to get done, and once completed cross it off your list. A well-structured to-do list is key to achieving your goals and allowing you to focus on the most urgent tasks.

Assign the right people at the right time

Concentrate on your responsibilities and plan your tasks to allow your team to do the same. When you efficiently delegate tasks, your team can work together with a minimum of distraction. Identify what work to complete yourself, and what can be delegated.

Be flexible and adaptable

Many factors prevent you completing a task that are out of your control. It is useful to know when to put that particular issue aside and not let it affect the progress of your to-do list. At the same time, you must stay aware of tasks that are on the back-burner.

Learn when to reject

Not everything on your task list is necessarily achievable; there may be budget or time restraints that mean a specific item is not worth starting. Assessing what is or isn’t worthwhile is crucial. However, before rejecting a task outright, you should consider other options. For example, can it be processed at a later date when more resources are available, or is there an alternative solution to achieve the same goal?

Highlight tasks for a valued customer

Learn when to promote a task based on the value of a customer. A job may not be immediately profitable, which may discourage you, but if a customer is highly valued your business may benefit from giving them priority.

Monitor your lists

Once you have set your to-do list for the day, be aware of tracking the progress of each task. A task lower down your list may be in danger of falling outside of an SLA. So consider rearranging if necessary.

How SwiftCase helps

  • SwiftCase automates task prioritisation as part of a powerful business process management system
  • As soon as you log in, SwiftCase shows all outstanding tasks assigned to yourself and automatically orders them by listing the most urgent actions first
  • By defining your workflow you can specify when SwiftCase automatically assigns a user to the task
  • Hide tasks that are not achievable for appearing on your to-do list by putting them on hold and by specifying a resume date your task is automatically added back in when needed
  • Configure your workflow to allow a task to be rejected along with a reason or alternative suggestion. Even a rejected task can still be tracked
  • By rating clients you can ensure that your most valued customers tasks are prioritised
  • Specify your SLA and SwiftCase will highlight the tasks that fall out of these requirements
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