10 brilliant Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to BOOST your productivity!

Updated 24/06/2020

If you work in an office, the chances are you work with a Windows machine in some form or another (unless you are one of those dastardly Mac users like myself).
But did you know you can save yourself plenty of time and effort by learning a few super easy keyboard shortcuts? Boost your productivity by using these 10 amazing Windows 10 shortcuts!

Open Windows Explorer

Windows + E Need quick access to your documents, photos, etc? Rather than clicking around to open up Windows Explorer, a simple Windows + E will do the trick.

Peek at Desktop

Windows + Comma Sometimes you want to see something on your desktop without having to minimise your windows, simply hit Windows + Comma to take a quick peek at your desktop.

Paste and Match Style

CTRL + Shift + V We all know how to copy/cut and paste… but do you ever copy some content from one app/website to another, only to be frustrated at the unwanted formatting when you paste it? Well, hold Shift, along with CTRL + V to paste the content without any of the formatting from the original source. No more inconsistencies in your content. Tidy!


Windows + M This minimises all windows on the screen at the moment and Windows + M + Shift can bring them back. Great for clearing the clutter without needing to close your apps.

Snap to Screen

Windows + Arrow Left/Right or Windows + Arrow Up/Down If you’re working on multiple windows, Windows 10 provides a fantastic new snapping feature that works so well. Simply hit Windows + Arrow Left/Right to snap it to the right or left side of the screen. You can also do this to snap it to the bottom or top of the screen by using up/down. Great for organisation and multi-tasking.

Switch Apps

Alt + Tab A classic, but a tried and true productivity king. If you have multiple windows open, consider using Alt + Tab to cycle between them without having to click around on your taskbar. Thank you, old friend.

Close Window

Alt + F4 If you’re looking to close your apps but don’t want to mess around by locating the red X on your window – this trusty shortcut will help.

Address Bar

Alt + D Don’t bother using your mouse or touchpad to click the address bar on your browser: simply press Alt + D instead.

Delete Items without Moving to Recycle Bin

Shift + Delete Will allow you to skip moving files to the Recycle Bin and instead, permanently removing them.

Select Multiple Files

Mouse Click + Shift (Select Group) Mouse Click + CTRL (Select Individual Files) If you don’t know this shortcut, it can be incredibly frustrating to manage large folders featuring many files. This allows you to select many files all in one click. Using CTRL rather than Shift allows you to select individual files, that perhaps are not grouped together. Use these 10 super-handy and easy to remember keyboard shortcuts to increase your efficiency when it comes to using Windows 10. Do you have a favourite keyboard shortcut that isn’t listed here? Let us know!
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