5 Ways to Improve Your Email Signature

Updated 01/07/2020

Email is still the top communication tool used in business. As such, it’s important to get your marketing right when it comes to the basics – your email signature!
First impressions count, and this is a piece of content that your leads, customers, business partners and staff will see… so avoid falling at the first hurdle, we’ve got 5 handy guidelines to improve your email signature to truly make these impressions count:
  1. Use HTML and text (where possible) Due to the limitations of mail clients, HTML email signatures can be a pain to implement if you have a complex design in mind. As such, it would be easier to simply use a graphic instead, right? But try and avoid this if you can, as it’s important your contact can easily copy/click/view elements such as phone numbers, website URLs, social media links and so on. If a design is not easily implementable into HTML, consider simplifying the design rather than creating it as a full image instead. It’s also vital to ensure your email signature works across all the major email clients. You may have an amazing looking signature at the bottom of your email, but if it doesn’t work on your contacts email client, it reflects badly on you and your brand. Consider using a tool such as litmus to help identify any display issues with email clients.
  2. Keep it simple When it comes to design, it can be easy to overcomplicate things. After all, it has to be eye-catching and impressive, right? But never put aesthetics over function. Don’t try and cram everything in if it’s not required. Keep colours, fonts and graphics to a minimum to avoid clutter, load time and complexity. It might look cool… but if your contact can’t instantly identify the information they are looking for (like your contact details or links) then the signature has failed.
  3. Stay on brand Your signature is marketing, and it can often be the first time a potential customer is exposed to your brand, so it’s vital your message is clear. Be sure to use your colours, logo and an appropriate text type that reflects how you want your business to be perceived by your audience – in a similar way you would with your business card or website.
  4. Promote! Email signatures are an amazing way to promote your business. You may already have links to your website or social media platforms, but try using it to let people know about any events, blogs, news, positive reviews or awards you’ve been involved with too!
  5. People buy from people – add a personal touch If it’s appropriate, consider adding a professional photo of yourself in the email signature. This adds a personal touch to your message. After all, people buy from people, and if your contact sees they are dealing with an actual person on the other side, you are much more likely to make an impression.
So there you have it, 5 simple but important changes you can make to improve your signature to make a better impression on your contacts.
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