Question Types - SwiftCase


Question Types Overview

There are several types of questions in SwiftCase. All of the answers to these questions can be pulled through to emails/documents and content widgets using Task Information Tags.


This is a simple small input box for short answer questions


For any larger responses or information that do not require styling or formatting


This will give a datepicker as below. The date format must be entered as DD/MM/YYYY


This will give a datetime picker as below. The datetime format entered must be DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm


You can create as many options as you like. The Text will be the label for the dropdown option, and the Value will be the actual value the answer will provide for data processing.


SwiftCase has a postcode lookup service that allows you to auto-fill the full address. The address question on a task will look like this:

Rich Text

Similar to the textarea type, but allows richer editing: bullet points, indenting etc

Textarea Template Selection

This can be a very powerful question type, extremely useful for when you want to insert standard statements into a workflow or document. You can select a block of text to be added in the textarea field below the dropdown. Here is an example configuration:

The resulting input field on the status will look like this, simply choose the block of text to be inserted into the field:


These are questions that are not visible to the end user but you may want to populate with a default answer or through the API.


This question type is extremely useful for those workflows that require client consent. Used in combination with our Chatbot feature, it can remove a lot of the chasing and waiting for client confirmation and removes the need for users to print out, sign and re-scan documents. This field will work on phones, tablets and pc’s.