Case Relationships

Case Relationships Overview

The Case Relationship is the way a User  relates to a Case or a Task. Some Users can have more than one Case Relationship. Please see User Types for an explanation of these.

Case/Task Owner

Case Owners are usually the User Type of Internal Users (but can occasionally can be Experts) . In general they are the person responsible for overseeing the management of the Task, and will be responsible for assigning other users etc. You can override the Owner via the Quick Actions or on the Task Listings.


Just like in User Types,  a Client is generally the parent user of Client Staff/Client Contacts, although this can depend on your system configuration. When assigning a Client to a Task, you must also assign a Client Staff/Client Contact from within the Client roster. Changing the Client can be performed via the Quick Actions

Client Staff/Client Contact

You can assign any Client Staff/Client Contact to a task  that belongs to the parent Client. You also can change this user at any time via the Quick Actions


The Expert assigned to a Task is usually a user of an Expert UserType, but just like Task Owner this isn’t always necessarily true. Internal Users can also be assigned to the Case Relationship of Expert.

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