User Types in SwiftCase


There are a number of User Types in SwiftCase, with different roles and configurations. Please see the Case Relationships section to see the how user types relate to a Task.

Internal Users/Team Members

Internal Users are the users that log in to SwiftCase and manage the internal processes of your company. They can be Internal Admin or Internal Staff


A Client is generally the parent user of Client Staff/Client Contacts, although this can depend on your system configuration. You can add many Client Staff under the ‘umbrella’ of a Client. Clients cannot login.

Client Staff/Client Contacts

Client Staff/Client Contacts are the users (that may be able to login if configured) who act as the primary point of contact on a Task. When you assign a Client and a Client Staff to a Task, they will be the users who you should configure to be contacted via automated methods. You can configure the Client to be the point of contact if necessary in the Workflow Builder.

Logging in

The username/password fields are only available if you have your SwiftCase configured to allow Client Staff logins.


Experts are users that have limited access to SwiftCase compared to Internal Staff/Team Members but can be considered internal or external. They are assigned to a Task to perform a particular function within it, but the Task is generally managed by an Internal user (as a Case Owner).

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