Creating/Editing a Document Template

Catergory Types Overview

Email templates are a great way to optimise your workflows. Combined with Scheduled Events, you can remove the humdrum, repetitive aspect of communicating the status of you tasks with Clients or your Team Members.

Getting Started

If you have the correct role, you can find the Document Templates section in the Sidebar  or Admin panel of SwiftCase.

Template Listings

From the resulting listings, you can Create Template or Edit an existing one.

Create HTML Based Templates

You can build complex documents using html, and SwiftCase has a code editor built in.


Category Type

If you want to add a Header or Footer, then you must create those as separate documents. Choose which type you want to create in this option.

If you want to add a particular header or footer to a document template then choose it in the Header or Footer Template dropdown options.

Advanced Options

Adjustments to spacing and margins can occur here. If you require a delay in any javascript running (to calculate anything for the document for example) then enter that delay in milliseconds here.

Task Information Tags

Task Information Tags are a powerful way to pull relevant information into your document template automatically. Please visit the relevant section here.

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