Creating/Editing an Email Template


Email templates are a great way to optimise your workflows. Combined with Scheduled Events, you can remove the humdrum, repetitive aspect of communicating the status of you tasks with Clients or your Team Members.

Getting Started

If you have the correct role, you can find the Email Templates section in the Sidebar  or Admin panel of SwiftCase.

Template Listings

From the resulting listings, you can Create Template or Edit an existing one.

Create rich text or HTML Based Templates

You can build simple or complex templates using rich text or html respectively. To just use rich text go ahead and type in the large textarea for the template.

To manage more advanced appearance of the email you can access the html editor by clicking the <> button on the top row of the template textarea.

Visibility Options

Is this a workflow only template?

This option allows you to control where in SwiftCase you want the template to be accessed. If you have a large number of workflows that require different templates you can soon be swamped by a huge selection. Select this to ensure the templates will only be visible in workflows.

Only visible in the following workflows

Here is where the fine tuning can occur: choose the tasks in which you want the email templates to appear when your Team Members click the Compose Email widget or Quick Action.

Task Information Tags

Task Information Tags are a powerful way to pull relevant information into your email template automatically. Please visit the relevant section here.

It’s important to remember that when editing a document template to include question tags, that each side of the question has both of the curly braces.

If one is accidentally removed then this will break the email template when it comes to rendering in a Task.

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