Announcements Overview

Announcements are a fantastic alternative to a bulk email message: inform your Users about any changes to workflow, procedure or circumstances and ensure they only see relevant information in the relevant place.

Manage Announcements

You can visit the Announcement Listings page via the Sidebar Admin section and you will be presented with the manually and automated announcements on your system:

You can edit, delete, enable or disable existing announcements here through the cog menu on the right.

Related Users

Related users are those users on the system in which the Announcement is regarding (i.e. the subject of the announcement).

Targeted Users

Targeted Users are those users who will be specifically targeted to receive the announcement (i.e. you may want a sales representative to see specific new information about a client when they create a task for that Related User).


This will be the main body of the message.


You can not only target announcements to particular individual users, but you can choose to target a whole group of User Types. This saves laboriously adding each user when you have a large workforce.


This indicates whether the announcement is visible or not.

Create Announcement

Without Related Users

To create an announcement Without Related Users (i.e. not about a specific client/user), click the +Create Announcement button on the Announcement Listings.

For Related Users

To create an announcement With Related Users  navigate to the Profile page of the user you would like it to be related to   and click +Create Announcement button in the Announcements Panel.

Create Announcement

With either approach you will be presented with a modal as below:

Blocks Users actions?

This option allows you to specify an announcement that prevents user action with the page. This can be dismissed if you configure the following Should the user be able to mark this as read? option to Yes. Otherwise this will prevent user interaction until the announcement is disabled.

Where should the announcement be shown?

You can choose to show the announcement on the following areas:

  1. System Wide (on every page).
  2. Profile Page (of the related users, or if not specified: any profile page).
  3. Instruction Page (The page where you choose the Client/Client Staff for Task creation
  4. Personal Announcement (For the logged users only)
  5. Accounts Announcement (For the Accounts Section only)
  6. Task Page (This will show only on the Task pages of wither the related user if specified, or all Task pages if not)
How do you want to select who should see this announcement?

This is the option which dictates whether you want to target individual users or target groups of User Types. Choose By targeted Users for individuals, and By role for groups. You will then be able to select the respective users/roles in the revealed dropdown menu.

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