5 Ways to Delight Your Customers with Automation

Satisfying your customers is no longer enough to keep them loyal. You have to delight them. This means providing an experience that exceeds expectations.

It’s all about building an emotional connection by going the extra mile to surprise people and make them happy. If you aim for this at every customer touchpoint, you’ll create brand advocates who will choose and recommend you, again and again.

1. Enhance your onboarding process

There is often a lot of friction in the customer onboarding process. Response times are slow, systems don’t run smoothly and important details get missed. This turns new customers off, right from the get-go.

However, with automation software, your workflows can be endlessly customised to deliver a highly personalised experience that feels effortless and hassle-free. You can even incorporate self-service tools that make problem resolution faster, like knowledge bases and chatbots.

2. Consider next steps

What happens after someone buys from you? If you want to develop fruitful relationships, you can’t leave customers high and dry.

Put yourself in their shoes. What might your customers want or need to do after investing in your product or service?

If your product is a bit technical, perhaps you could automate an email series with a helpful user guide or some answers to frequently asked questions. This is an opportunity to share useful information that shows people you care.

3. Get personal

Generic isn’t good enough. It’s critical that you continually learn about your customers so you can tailor your interactions and help them feel special.

This might look like gathering information about anniversaries, hobbies and interests so you can send relevant and timely messages about things that matter to them.

Automation allows you to email customers with birthday wishes or discounts without having to check your calendar! Spotify and Netflix use this kind of data collection and automation to recommend a song or a series that their audience might enjoy.

4. Proactively seek feedback

The fastest way to find out if you’re delighting people is simple. Ask! This not only helps your customers feel valued but also allows you to make better business decisions.

When you automate email surveys at pertinent times, for example after a new product purchase, you’re able to run your feedback collection process on autopilot. This means you get regular insight into what you need to fix. You can even share the ways you’ve listened and adapted with your audience – a surefire way to delight.

5. Employ user-friendly customer service

Automating your customer service has many perks. It saves time and avoids potential errors, allowing your team to focus on higher-value tasks. It makes internal systems more efficient. Better yet, it strengthens consumer trust by giving them a streamlined service with less opportunity for frustration.

Whether it’s answering a query or dealing with a complaint, automated workflows ensure issues are resolved quickly and customers feel heard. The right software can prioritise time-critical problems, classify tickets and assign team members for resolution where required.

“In five years, there will still be a need for human customer service agents, but the nature of their work will be more meaningful as mundane inquiries and inquiries that may require lower levels of human empathy will be handled through autonomous capabilities.”

(Jeff Nicholson for Forbes)

Winning with workflow automation

Remember, a new customer is a new opportunity to add value, deepen connections and welcome a future brand advocate that is worth their weight in gold.

This might feel like a lot of pressure, but smart automation software can take all the stress away. If you’re ready to see how a workflow management system will streamline your business, you can test the waters by starting a FREE SwiftCase trial. If you think your workflow management requirements may be more complex, get in touch to arrange a consultation. 

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