ARG: The Ultimate Viral Marketing Method?

You know about viral marketing and virtual reality, but you’ve probably never heard of Alternate Reality Gaming. This type of advertising is so intense it can literally get in your face.  An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is the catch-all term for an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as an integral platform and combines multiple media forms (transmedia) to deliver a detailed fictional experience. One game generally runs for about… Read More »ARG: The Ultimate Viral Marketing Method?

Alphonse Mucha and Art in Advertising

Art has always been present in advertising, from packaging to graphic design and visual branding – aesthetics have always attracted consumers. Alphonse Mucha (one of my favourite artists) was a most influential figure of the Art Nouveau period, at its height between 1890 and 1910. This movement had its roots in Britain and spawned likely the most decorative and flamboyant phase of traditional advertisement and promotions. His advertising style triumphed… Read More »Alphonse Mucha and Art in Advertising