Connect all your business apps with ease with SwiftCase


Connect all your business apps with ease.

The only CRM automation software that can connect all your business apps (including ones even we haven’t heard of yet!)

Keep your info up to date across your whole business, and stop wasting time re-entering data.

Watch your business grow, powered by SwiftCase software.

Discover why 100,000+ users work with SwiftCase to integrate their business.

From: Losing sticky notes, copying emails to everyone, spreadsheet to-do lists and endless headaches.

To: All your work organised in one place, that can talk to all your other apps and even do some of your work for you.

Are you wasting time copying info between all your business apps?

Does your team waste hours transferring data between different apps because your business software can't talk to each other?

Do you miss important deadlines or get things wrong because data is not in sync across all the different apps you use, so things get missed?

Are you wasting time tracking down relevant info, documents and data spread across multiple work applications?

Managing your business using multiple disconnected apps doesn't work.

After you switch to SwiftCase

All your info organised in one place with easy access for team members that need to see it.

Stop wasting time re-entering data into multiple systems, with information from all your work apps integrated with your new organised task workflows.

Information is connected across your business with step-by-step workflows to maintain the consistency of your service - all work completed, with nothing missed.

Automatic warnings about key deadlines from a simple colour-coded traffic-light system, with automated events based on what you need to get done - hit all your deadlines.

Managing your business with SwiftCase just works.

What can you do with SwiftCase?

Integrate with any app

Get any apps with an API to talk to each other, without them needed to be built-in to the platform.

Map information to your business processes

Use data from one app in your other apps, and back again, to fit with the way you do business.

Build workflows that fit your business

Design your consistent step-by-step processes, including integrations, using a visual builder with no need for coding.

Connect to a wide range of built-in apps

Upload accounts to Xero. Sync emails with GMail, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365. Send SMS with TextLocal. Share contacts with MailChimp. Get data from FormStack, Ninja Forms, and HubSpot. Plus many more.

No code needed to connect to any app

From bespoke systems that only your business uses to the latest offering from an unknown start-up, integrate your processes without needing a software developer.

Trigger automatic events based on info from any app

Create triggers to automate your tasks, with the ability to use logic to determine the path your processes should take.

Join 100,000s of users who connect all their business apps with SwiftCase

How To Get Started with SwiftCase

We think you will love working with SwiftCase, but we want you to be sure. So, we want to give you a month free to try SwiftCase with your team. 


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If after your month is up you would like to keep working together with us – brilliant! 


For just £30 a month per user (inc. VAT) – you can automate and integrate your business – achieving amazing results.


PS If you have a large team, want to go pro/enterprise, or just need more storage space – no problem – give us a shout, and we will help you out…


If you don’t need all the awesome power of SwiftCase but want to get organised and boost your business, then check out Together powered by SwiftCase for a budget-friendly option.

All backed up by UK-based support team. We have helped hundreds of thousands of users just like you… …they gave us the Capterra Best Ease of Use 2019 award for SwiftCase.

Get up and running quickly and easily.

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