How to choose which business process to automate

Automation can accelerate your business growth by maximising your productivity and improving your effectiveness. However, an automated process is only effective if it is worthwhile automating. A terrible process automated is just a terrible process that runs more quickly. In this article, I will take you through the things to look out for to determine whether a process is the right choice for automating, or whether you should pass on… Read More »How to choose which business process to automate

A Look Into Work Culture in China

Last month this year, I went on a 12-day trip to my parent’s hometown – Guangzhou, China. With photos, this article will be a sort of loose, little case study based off of observation and what I already knew and assumed about Chinese work ethic, as well as some anecdotes and interesting finds. First off: Guangzhou is truly beautiful. Known as the City of Flowers, you can understand why as… Read More »A Look Into Work Culture in China

Everyone Hates the Macbook Keyboard (Even Apple)

It looks like Apple are abandoning their much-maligned MacBook keyboards and implementing a new design for 2020. A recent report obtained by MacRumours has suggested that Apple will revert to a traditional scissor-switch mechanism, as opposed to their new butterfly mechanism. Apple first introduced the new butterfly mechanism back in 2016, alongside their Touch ID line of Macbooks, Pros and Airs. , it has received an underwhelming response from buyers.… Read More »Everyone Hates the Macbook Keyboard (Even Apple)

4 Alternatives to Adobe InDesign

With Adobe recently increasing the price of their creative suite, we have been looking some some alternatives to some of their more popular apps, such as PhotoShop and Illustrator. Today, we’re looking at Adobe InDesign, used primarily for digital publishers to create brochures, magazines, newspapers and books. Here are some cheaper (or free) alternatives: Xara Page & Layout Designer 11 $89.99 and pay for future upgrades – Design printed material,… Read More »4 Alternatives to Adobe InDesign

We use AI more than you think

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what you probably thought it was Malicious Robots causing destruction in a city. Highly-intelligent human-like machines controlling the minds of others around them. Systems which can destroy humanity at the touch of a button. These are just some of the things the entertainment industry may have caused you to correlate with AI. Artificial Intelligence, also commonly referred to as ‘Machine Intelligence’, is a concept that most… Read More »We use AI more than you think

Interview with Catalyst D-O Part 2 – SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #40

In the concluding episode of our interview with Catalyst D-O, we’re speaking to Daniel Bourne about mental health, resilience and stress management. Catch up on the first episode here. Daniel has many years of experience developing high-performance individuals and teams in the military after surviving a rigorous deployment to Afghanistan at 21 years of age as a high-risk assurance searcher with many close calls. He is an expert in handling… Read More »Interview with Catalyst D-O Part 2 – SwiftCase Productivity Podcast #40

Choice Overload – Be a cunning cat, not a humming fox

The Fox and the cat is an ancient fable about the perils of choice: A Fox was boasting to a Cat of its clever devices for escaping its enemies. “I have a whole bag of tricks,” he said, “which contains a hundred ways of escaping my enemies.” “I have only one,” said the Cat; “but I can generally manage with that.” Just at that moment they heard the cry of… Read More »Choice Overload – Be a cunning cat, not a humming fox

Clear up communication and simplify support with Help Desk Management

It can be challenging to provide consistently high-quality customer service, but with the best tools you can save time and increase efficiency, allowing your staff to help more clients while making the process easier for them as well. Using automation software with a help desk management platform, you can take the appropriate actions and access features to let you manage change requests, address support tickets quickly and more. Crystal clear… Read More »Clear up communication and simplify support with Help Desk Management

5 Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

After recent price hikes of software in the Adobe Creative Suite, we gave you 5 great alternatives to Adobe PhotoShop. Following on, we’re looking at some more alternatives to another popular Adobe app: Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is primarily used by design professionals for producing vector graphics, cartoons, logos, layouts and fonts. Today we’re looking at five considerably cheaper (or free!) alternatives. Inkscape Free opensource professional quality vector graphics software which… Read More »5 Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator