Productivity Management Methods & Resources Manual

When you gain insight into your personal learning preferences, you can approach your work in a manner that best suits your natural style, including: how you manage your time, problem solving, approaches to decision making, and dealing with stress.   Mutual understanding of how yourself and your co-workers or group members best perform will improve workplace morale as well as productivity. If you see any of them struggling or not achieving… Read More »Productivity Management Methods & Resources Manual

ARG: The Ultimate Viral Marketing Method?

You know about viral marketing and virtual reality, but you’ve probably never heard of Alternate Reality Gaming. This type of advertising is so intense it can literally get in your face.  An Alternate Reality Game (ARG) is the catch-all term for an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as an integral platform and combines multiple media forms (transmedia) to deliver a detailed fictional experience. One game generally runs for about… Read More »ARG: The Ultimate Viral Marketing Method?

Printers in the Workplace: Pointless chunks of plastic? | SPP #63

Is it really overkill to say that printers are prehistoric and have no place in today’s modern office? Either way, it’s safe to say that some offices (like ours) only have them as ornaments, while others go through tons and tons of trees when cloud storage/electronic archiving is more secure and sustainable. Not to mention sans paper cuts. Maybe a 3D printer would be more useful? If you like what… Read More »Printers in the Workplace: Pointless chunks of plastic? | SPP #63

False starts and silliness | SwiftCase Productivity Podcast Bloopers/BTS #62

Join the team during their in-between chatter and more awkward moments on the podcast. There’s definitely been improvements as the series has progressed, but some things don’t change (like Craig forgetting that the camera is rolling). If you like what you’ve heard and want to catch all the latest weekly episodes, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The Anchoring Effect: First impressions count in more ways than one

Do you weigh up all the options before making a decision? Do you consider all angles, facts and measurements and only then take the plunge? Even if you believe this, you can still be susceptible to the Anchoring Effect: your final decision is merely an adjustment of an initial perception. To drop the price, drop the anchor When buying a car, a sensible person would look at the mpg, bhp,… Read More »The Anchoring Effect: First impressions count in more ways than one

Survivorship Bias: Don’t follow your dreams off a cliff

Taylor Swift telling you to follow your dreams is like a lottery winner telling you, ‘Liquidize your assets, buy Powerball tickets, it works!’ Bo Burnham Those were the days! Do you ever reflect wistfully about the music of your youth, or the classic cars or films, and lament: “They just don’t make them like that anymore!” When you look at buildings in a beautiful city like Florence, Athens or Paris,… Read More »Survivorship Bias: Don’t follow your dreams off a cliff

Alphonse Mucha and Art in Advertising

Art has always been present in advertising, from packaging to graphic design and visual branding – aesthetics have always attracted consumers. Alphonse Mucha (one of my favourite artists) was a most influential figure of the Art Nouveau period, at its height between 1890 and 1910. This movement had its roots in Britain and spawned likely the most decorative and flamboyant phase of traditional advertisement and promotions. His advertising style triumphed… Read More »Alphonse Mucha and Art in Advertising

Default Effect: You could be ashamed of sticking with what you have

On one of our recently recorded podcasts we discussed our marketing pet peeves. My choice was a new marketing approach called ‘confirm shaming’ in which the user of a website is offered a choice, and if they decline the button option is accompanied by a snarky reply as below: This is an amusing attempt to influence user behaviour towards choosing the affirmative option. The image shows a number of coercive… Read More »Default Effect: You could be ashamed of sticking with what you have

Embracing Digitalisation and Meeting Metallica

It’s 2004. MP3s are here, and Internet music piracy is an unstoppable juggernaut. A 13-year-old millennial (whose music taste was primarily dictated by what appeared on Saturday morning’s CD:UK) was about to have his ears awakened to a whole new world. Discovered initially as background music on a website I was browsing as a child; Disposable Heroes, track five on arguably the greatest heavy metal record of all time –… Read More »Embracing Digitalisation and Meeting Metallica

Magical Thinking and The Illusion of Control: Is an unrealistic view of your ability a bonus?

“Confidence is ignorance. If you’re feeling cocky, it’s because there’s something you don’t know.” -Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl Young children often have an egocentric view of the world. They can believe that there are causal connections between their actions and unrelated events. This can be especially problematic during grief, when the child can attribute one of their unrelated but concurrent prior actions as the cause of the death of a… Read More »Magical Thinking and The Illusion of Control: Is an unrealistic view of your ability a bonus?