November 2017

Stay secure with role based access control

As your business grows and you hire more staff, you may struggle with issues surrounding access to critical company information or system functionality. You do not want a newly-recruited junior employee to have access to every significant business document, but you cannot shut out more senior staff members from vital information. No more, no less The ideal situation is one where every staff member has access to precisely the information… Read More »Stay secure with role based access control

Essential statistics for business reporting

We have previously written about how effectively tracking business statistics can have significant productivity benefits for your company. However, what are some of the key insights you can use to make the best decisions for the future? Productivity Time is money, and analysing the average amount of time taken to complete tasks, gives you a greater handle on profitability. Get a clear idea of how long a job should take,… Read More »Essential statistics for business reporting

Does your business need to move on from spreadsheets?

As a business owner or manager, you may find your operations divided between a number of spreadsheets. Everything from accounts and budgeting to staff records and appointments, all needing to be constantly updated to avoid incomplete records or missing out on work opportunities. There are a number of ways in which spreadsheets are an imperfect tool for running a company, even a small business with a handful of staff. You… Read More »Does your business need to move on from spreadsheets?

Geofencing in the UK – What you need to know

A geofence is, in technical terms, a virtual perimeter that defines a real-world geographical area. In more practical terms, this means that users of mobile devices can be detected entering or leaving a particular area via the GPS data from their smartphone or tablet. At this point, they can then be contacted, via SMS message, email or through a web application. Notable examples of geofencing Google Local Guides app, which… Read More »Geofencing in the UK – What you need to know

What areas of your business are ready for automation?

As a business owner, you’re continually looking to reduce overheads and increase productivity. One of the most effective methods of achieving these goals is automation. The term “automation” may bring to mind factory robots or self-driving cars. But administrative tasks common to almost all businesses can be automated without the need to pay out for expensive equipment or additional IT staff. You may feel frustrated that your company isn’t growing… Read More »What areas of your business are ready for automation?

Three important ways your business can improve its SEO rankings

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation refers to the methods used to improve a website’s position in search results. Essentially, good SEO means a higher ranking position, resulting in more visitors, and hopefully, more customers. Mobile Optimisation In recent years, mobile devices have overtaken desktops, in terms of total internet access. According to, mobile currently consumes around 50% of internet usage, when you include tablets, this is more like 55%.… Read More »Three important ways your business can improve its SEO rankings

Generate professional business proposals automatically

Why waste countless working days producing proposals for your clients when SwiftCase can do it for you in the blink of an eye? As discussed in our recent blog article 3 new ways to standardise your dynamic documents, there are a variety of tools and method at your disposal that you can use to generate an attractive, consistent and compliant business proposal for your customers. If you need well-designed, automatically… Read More »Generate professional business proposals automatically

Managing your business on the move

Rooted in one place? While you may do business in multiple locations, with a mobile workforce covering a large geographic area, often the act of managing and tracking this activity is rooted in one spot. As a manager dealing with client enquiries, allocating work and planning projects, you may still find yourself out in the field but staying on top of administration while on the move can be inefficient and… Read More »Managing your business on the move