April 2018

What are each Action Type?

When specifying the action of each status there are a number of options which can be selected. The following article explains how to configure each action and how it appears once the task has been created. For the majority of actions, accompanying body text should be entered in the content field and the group that you’d like the action is visible to should be specified. Generate Document To configure Generate… Read More »What are each Action Type?

What are question types?

When creating a new question within the Workflow Builder there are number of different questions types which determine the answer that can be entered. The following article explains how to configure each question type and how they appear once published. Text A text field allows you to enter a small amount of text within a single line: Textarea If more than a single line of text is required a textarea… Read More »What are question types?

How to use Moving Rules to automate your business with SwiftCase

When you’re configuring a status, you can set moving rules which determine which status the task moves to. Questions Answered If you’d like the a task to progress to another status dependent on the answer of a specific question, the “Questions Answered” moving rule should be used. You should first determine which status you’d like the task to move to once a certain question has been answered which is set… Read More »How to use Moving Rules to automate your business with SwiftCase

How do I create, edit or delete an email template?

Creating a template When creating your own tasks using the workflow builder, one of the options available is to have emails automatically sent out when a task reached a specific status, however, this requires you to have created your own email template. To access your email templates click on admin in the left-hand panel and select email templates from the drop-down.

Getting started with the Workflow Builder

We’ve recently introduced the capability for you to create your own workflows using our latest feature: the workflow builder. Accessing The Workflow Builder To access the workflow builder, you first need to have the correct permissions granted (these are set by your account’s internal admin) then navigate using the left-hand menu to Admin – Workflows – Tasks: