Why now is the best time to start a business

Why now is the best time to start a business

Startups do very well during a recession. Because everyone is reducing outgoings, prices are lower, and startups can benefit from this situation to get a start with exceptionally low prices on the things they need for their company. Now is the time to start your own business.

Remote Working Results for your business. Solutions for Coronavirus/Covid-19 and beyond

Remote Working Results for your Business (Coronavirus / Covid-19)

Discover how to achieve great results when working from home. With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) very likely to cause businesses to have to look at remote working sooner rather than later. In this guide, I will take you through the positives and negatives of working from home. I will offer strategies that you can put into place to maximise your productivity while remote working. Plus, show you how to minimise the… Read More »Remote Working Results for your Business (Coronavirus / Covid-19)

Taking control of your business finances - every day, every way

Business Finances: Take Back Control

Discover how to keep your business finances under control. Stay organised, get paid on time, every time and monitor client performance to locate any issues. Ensuring that you get paid for all the work that you do is vital to maintaining your cash flow and keeping your business on the right track. Creating a great product or service that helps people is a noble aim for any company. However, the… Read More »Business Finances: Take Back Control

Productivity Management Methods & Resources Manual

When you gain insight into your personal learning preferences, you can approach your work in a manner that best suits your natural style, including: how you manage your time, problem solving, approaches to decision making, and dealing with stress.   Mutual understanding of how yourself and your co-workers or group members best perform will improve workplace morale as well as productivity. If you see any of them struggling or not achieving… Read More »Productivity Management Methods & Resources Manual

Survivorship Bias: Don’t follow your dreams off a cliff

Taylor Swift telling you to follow your dreams is like a lottery winner telling you, ‘Liquidize your assets, buy Powerball tickets, it works!’ Bo Burnham Those were the days! Do you ever reflect wistfully about the music of your youth, or the classic cars or films, and lament: “They just don’t make them like that anymore!” When you look at buildings in a beautiful city like Florence, Athens or Paris,… Read More »Survivorship Bias: Don’t follow your dreams off a cliff