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Understanding APIs: A Comprehensive Guide

What Exactly is an API? APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are digital conduits allowing two software applications to interact seamlessly via a set of rules and definitions. Picture the daily weather updates on your phone; these are made possible through … Read More

How to Contact SwiftCase Support

So, you’ve just landed on SwiftCase, and you may encounter some issues with the system, or you may have some general questions that the current guides do not answer.This guide will show you each different method of contacting SwiftCase support.Here … Read More

Adding a Client on SwiftCase

Clients are the organisations your business deals with. You can add Client Contacts (client staff), who are the people who work for those organisations. With SwiftCase, you can access all your Client data and Client Contacts in one place. All your Clients and Client … Read More

Activate Microsoft Office

Activate Microsoft Office: A Step by Step Guide

Microsoft Office, a cornerstone in the realm of digital productivity, empowers both individuals and enterprises to craft, refine, and oversee documents with unparalleled efficiency. To harness its comprehensive capabilities, ensuring you activate Microsoft Office imperative. This guide will delineate varied … Read More

Business Process Optimisation Workshop

Business Process Optimisation: A Strategic Approach for UK SMEs

Explore strategic business process optimisation with our comprehensive guide, tailored for UK SMEs. Dive into practical steps for elevating operational efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction, and fostering sustained growth. Discover how to turn your processes into strategic assets, navigate market complexities, and position your business for success in a competitive landscape. … Read More

Business Process Optimisation can help SME entrepreneurs

Business Process Optimisation: Unlocking the Potential for SMEs

Introduction: Why SMEs Should Be Buzzing About Business Process Optimisation Hey there, Trailblazer! Welcome to the entrepreneur’s playbook for the digital age, today’s chapter is on something you’ve probably heard thrown around but may not fully understand: Business Process Optimisation. … Read More

5 Ways to Delight Your Customers with Automation

With the right workflow management system you can impress clients at every touch point, and create a customer experience that exceeds their expectations. … Read More

How Automating Your Onboarding Workflow Saves Valuable Resources

Onboarding new employees can be a mammoth task that involves lots of people and resources. Time and money must be spent on all sorts of things, like forms, training, equipment, meetings and monitoring. But it doesn’t have to be this … Read More

Checklist: How to Design Your Workflows 

Workflows can benefit your business in many ways. They save you time and money by boosting efficiency and productivity while minimising human error. The outcome is empowered employees, superior results and happy customers. Checklist: The top 10 elements you should … Read More

7 Ways Workflow Automation Software Should Deliver Productivity Gains

Maintaining and raising productivity levels can be a mammoth task. Life is busy. Attention spans are short. Distractions are everywhere. On top of that, many teams are working from home and multi-tasking all day. The solution? Workflow automation software that … Read More