Will a career in a capital city make you rich? | SPP #92

London’s population has grown 7.5% in just five years. The capital contained approximately 13% of the total UK population in 2016. Inner London’s population has increased by 300,000 since 2011 to 3.5 million while Outer London’s has increased by 350,000 … Read More

Why did the Science Channel let Mike Hughes take off? | SPP #91

Amateur rocket builder and daredevil ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes suffered a fatal launch accident on the 22nd, during filming for the Science Channel’s (which has yet to comment on whether or not production will continue) show “Homemade Astronauts.” The purpose of … Read More

Yorkshire Tea: Why are people shouting at tea on Twitter? | SPP #90

So, what’s the tea? Top UK tea brand Yorkshire Tea was charged with treason by Twitter trolls and swamped with hate and calls for boycotting on social media after the Chancellor posed with a multi-pack of the popular brew. These … Read More

Is the BBC TV license fee worth paying for? | SPP #89

Phil and Adam discuss if there are any benefits to TV licenses, namely the UK’s BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and what it means to the nation – which may not be very much. They also explore what has changed since … Read More

Do we blame the media too much? | SPP #88

Whenever a celebrity casualty occurs, fingers start pointing. In recent cases, this has been directed towards the media – namely tabloids and social media such as Twitter, which is itself a hotbed of controversial conversation. Everyone likes to weigh in … Read More

Interview with investor, mentor & entrepreneur Sean O’Neill of Adore Group

In this 2-part installment, Adam and Phil sit down with Sean O’Neill, the founder of Adore Group, to hear about his work and life ethos, and how he has established his successful business ventures. Sean has had nearly 18 years … Read More

Could this software affect your chances of getting hired?

Clearview AI is a new American startup specialising in facial recognition technology. They have just been hit with a cease and desist from Facebook after the company secretly collected billions of images of individuals without their consent. https://www.cnet.com/news/clearview-ai-hit-with-cease-and-desist-from-google-over-facial-recognition-collection/ As well … Read More

Letting Huawei build UK’s networks: Is 5G worth it? | SPP #85

A recent governmental decision made by Boris Johnson allows Chinese tech giant Huawei to continue its limited role in British telecommunications and contribute to building the UK’s new 5G networks. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-51283059 This video summarises the best benefits we can gain … Read More

How can we keep positive in 2020?

As we make our way through the new decade, we are already being bombarded with new tragedies and challenges, as well as ever-increasing questions. Should we be trying harder or less? Are things getting worse? Or are we actually doing … Read More

Checklist for an optimised business

Are you doing everything you can to grow your business? Or, if you are an entrepreneur thinking of beginning a start-up, have you considered these essential elements to implement for peak performance? The SwiftCase Productivity Podcast brings you this checklist, … Read More