The Statistics Overview

Find out how to get an immediate report on the activity of your SwiftCase tasks by type, status and a specific time period. … Read More

The Statistics Builder

Discover the powerful Statistics Builder in SwiftCase. Configure timely email reports about the performance of your Tasks. … Read More

Reminders in SwiftCase

Never forget another meeting or task with SwiftCase reminders. Associate reminders with a task to make sure complex requirements are met. … Read More

Workflow Builder – Status settings

Discover the status settings panel on SwiftCase workflow builder: control what your stakeholders initially see at each stage of a workflow. … Read More

Workflow Builder – Workflow Configuration

Familiarise yourself with the basic workflow configuration on SwiftCase: Costs & Fees, inheriting answers and other details. … Read More

Automated Events

Discover how automated events in swiftcase can reduce the need for manual action on a Task. Send emails,documents, gather client data and allocate staff without lifting a finger! … Read More

Creating/Editing a Document Template

Familiarise yourself with creating and editing a document template on SwiftCase and automate the generation of key business documents. … Read More

Creating/Editing an Email Template

Discover how to create and edit an email template on SwiftCase. Enable your team to automate the sending of captured data. … Read More

Case Relationships

Gain an insight into how case relationships work on SwiftCase, so your team can assign the right users at the right time. … Read More

Task Notes in SwiftCase

Gain an insight into the power of the Task Notes in SwiftCase, and always keep your team, clients and suppliers in the loop. … Read More